Shopping + Saving = A Giddy Me

I wished I could of posted this earlier so others could of saved as much as I did this month, but with shipping and waiting for it all to come in it pretty took the whole month for me to get to it.

One day I took a visit to one of the few sites I have bookmarked that has Cricut cartridges on sale from time to time, and I came across a great sale.
I got 4 cartridges for $14.95, one for $19.95, and 2 for $34.99.
And it really didn't end there. Cricut.com for the month of March had a awesome deal; if you bought 2 Cricut Imagine cartridges then you could get 1 black ink refill cartridge, 1 color ink refill cartridge, and a choice of a select few Imagine Pattern Cartridges for FREE (Except S&H for $9.95)
Still not done.
After getting in all that stuff I have been over time redeeming my Cricut rewards and with half of them I got another Imagine Pattern Cartridge and a package of printable vinyl for FREE (except S&H 9.99)!

So the grand total of my spending equaled............
$ 193.97

And now what I would normally have spent.......
A savings of about 60%!
So if you love your Cricut machine, and love a good deal look for them online too, not just in stores.
Here is the link where the hold the cartridges on sale from time to time check back often because it does change.

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