MIA Apologies

I know it's been way too long since I posted anything, I'm sorry. There's not even a real good excuse to give you. What it boils down to is busy life, dieting, burn outs, and depression. I know I'm bumming you out, but that's just real life. I know no one wants to be brought down by some one else's whiney struggles so let me tell you what has changed in the last year.

*Since starting out hardcore dieting Matt has lost about 170lbs.! While I've lost 80!

*We finally moved!!!!! If you read older post you will have learned how much I HATED the rental home we were in. It was one of those things that just falls in your lap and everything else falls into place with it! It's much roomier, I got my scrapbooking room, nice neighborhood, and carpet!!! So far we still love it, I mean yes we would like to own a home, but we are blessed to have gotten this house.

*We have a new addition to the family...... No not a baby sad to say, but a cat. Her name is Sadie.

*I got a promotion!!! My boss moved to a Ft. Smith Head Start in Oct. I had been fighting the idea of leaving for awhile now. She was one of the only reasons I stayed. So when she gave her notice I asked for the next available Teaching job, (I was only an assistant). Well as luck would have it the teacher in my old boss' new center in the other room quite! So in Jan. I transferred to her center. I LOVE it!!!! I have the same working hours as Matt and the kids now (instead of going in the mid-day till mid-evening) I am the teacher so a pay raise came with it, it's only 4-5 min. away (instead of 25), and the biggie I get summers off!!!!!! I really think working year round while 75% of the others work normal school schedule really was burning me out.

I've only worked a little in my scrapbook room, mostly during the fall holidays. When I transferred jobs I had to get used to a lot of different things and I just started getting into the groove when pow! School's over. So now I'm adjusting to time on my hands and being alone, well till the kids get out next month. I can't think of anything else right now if I do I will post later. I have some fun things planned for the blog this summer.
Have a great day!

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