Jan. 2012 (WhaaaaaaaT????)

I can't believe it's the new year and yes, I am fully aware it's been like almost 1/4 of a year since I last posted anything (slight exaggeration maybe). And since the world is going to end in 12 months I better get to writing some post huh?!

Well decorated for Christmas way early this year, partly because we knew we would of been gone over the weekend we usually do it and wanted to be sure we came back to a cheer filled house, but also I think to get us out of some grumbles.

Thanksgiving was spent up in Ks. at Matt's family. I made time to see my family too, but I have to say that the Black Friday shopping was the most memorable!!!

There were supposed to be like 5 of his family going, but they all backed out yet still wanted Matt and I to get their stuff. When we got there it was crazier outside than inside I think. I sent Matt off for BJ's present (that was our main reason to be there), and I got into the crowd hovering around the movies because Maggie wanted me to get her 2 copies of Season 2 Vampire Diaries. So I staked my claim by them, as it was 9pm. as it got closer to 10 more people tried to sneak their way in front of me. People in the back we yelling orders to people in the front  what to grab for them. When a snotty, vindictive very nice lady sneered asked at me, " what are you wanting"? "I said 2 Season 2 Vampire Diaries", I replied in my calm voice. "(Barked a laugh), Well good luck because I'm getting some for me and some for them back there and....". Well if you know me I am a mild meek person. I will admit I have been known to left people walk all over me, however Black Friday I don a new persona and I will bring out the B**** that is usually suppressed. It was nearing time and from the pictures you can tell they had things wrapped up pretty tightly, and if any one stepped to close a worker would walk down like a police officer keeping people back from a crime scene. 9:52 came and over around the corner new video gamed someone let out a blood curdling scream! In slow motion I saw everyone closing in on the movies trying to tear open and grab what they could, so I lunged forward and punched through the tape grabbed "my precious" (you better have used a Gollum voice when you read that) and ran off to look for Matt.
He was towards the back end of the store where they handed out tickets for the item we were getting, and was chilling talking to others in line. It was an ugly scene I left behind in fact it reminded me of a scene from a movie.

Needless to say we got what we mostly needed, some others did not get what they wanted because it was only the two of us. Then we stood in line at one end of the store for an hour till Matt went to take a cig. break then calls to tell me he is in a line at the opposite end and there are only 2 people in front of him , so fight your way through and get over here! Yeah I may have or may not have ran some people over with my cart (on accident I swear)!! I get over there and it is truly like a ghost town (WTH)!????

Kathleen's shower was also this weekend and my gift was a success, (even though it so did not look like the one on the Internet)!

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