Holiday Decorating

Of course with the help of Pinterest and Cricut I made up some Holiday decorations.

The first one I made was just as a; let's see if I really can do this kind of thing. I did the whole use a water noodle to make a wreath. We had a couple laying around at work so I tried it, and then I used some red streamers to wrap around it. Next,  I found some white ribbon in the art closet to wrap around it. And for the last part when we were outside I grabbed some fallen pinecones and branches that fell on our playground and hot glued them to the wreath.
Not too shabby for a first try.

Next I made a Merry Christmas banner for out wall using my Cricut.

I have had this basket for a couple of years now and has slowly lost it's fillings so i just bought 3 packages of $.99 ornaments that were supposed to go to something else but did not.

I got this snowman and basket like 7-10 years ago and I don't think I have really EVER filled it like I wanted to. I had bought 2 really cool garland from Big Lots for half price for a project I want to do next year, but I snipped a couple of branches and pinecones and put the last red ball from the last basket and filled it finally to my liking!! Wooot Wooot!

The last thing is a shadow box I bought, pasted a scrapbook paper to the back, filled it with bells I had left over from something I did last yea,r and then used black vinly to cut Jingle Bells out.

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