Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we have a couple of traditions:

We have finger foods.
*I made a veggie tray with home made ranch dip.
*Some little things my dad used to make when I was little.
*A pizza version of monkey bread that I got mostly from Pinterest. I made some differences though.
1. I don't have a bundt pan so I used 2 round cake pans.
2. I melted butter with some garlic then mixed in some Parmesan and used that to grease my pans and over the bread.
3. I just bought the 4 pack of biscuits instead of pizza dough.
I found these beef crumbles by the pepperoni so we did one pan of pepperoni and one with pepperoni and hamburger! Quite delish!!

We also open 1 present which is always Christmas night clothes.

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