Christmas Morning

Christmas morning we were awoken to the aroma of Christmas breakfast I had cooking in the crock pot over night (Pinterest drop), and .....silence.
Yes, it shall be written that on this day the parents woke up BEFORE the children!!!
After about 30 min. when they finally started to emerge from their rooms we all gathered around the tree to open presents.

Stockings were stuffed with candy, word finds, soduku puzzles, pens, pencils, and highlighters.

BJ got :XBox 360 with Kenect and about 6 games.

Isabelle (Santa really showed up for her). First let's back up. All she's been asking for in letters, in personal visits and for us to tell Santa that she wanted a Easy Bake Oven. We would play it off like we what else might you want, or Santa won't bring you everything. See we did not want her to have an easy Bake oven. Isabelle likes to over eat, and giving her this would be like just handing her a sugar coma!
Well the program that she goes to after school did like an angel tree program for all the daily girls. So when I went to pick her up on the Friday before Christmas they stopped me and said we have gifts for her that we want you to be able to load before we call her to the front.

Yeah, she got an Easy Bake oven!!!!
We got her a 3DS a couple of games and an IPOD Shuffle. Matt and I got a Panini press from his parents. Matt got his IPhone a couple of months ago and my Christmas hasn't been all the way gotten. So far I got 2 Glee games for the Wii, family Game night, and Sims3.

But, alas gifts from my mom and step dad were not there!!!
Isabelle's teacher had taught them about the Grinch and even gave the children dust to sprinkle in front of the door steps so he would not be able to enter to steal our presents. Well we for got the back door and he must of came in and stole them!!
Tune into the next post to find out if we ever got them back!!!

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