Christmas Afternoon

Well as I was slaving away in the kitchen to make the Christmas dinner i heard something on the back porch!! I called the kids back and we opened the back door to see a yellow bag of gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Wallace.
The Grinch had had brought them back!!
Well we put them under the tree when what do you know a few min. later Grandma and Grandpa showed up!!!
Mom didn't want the kids to know they were coming down and then Isabelle's teacher set everything in motion to help explain why the presents from them weren't under the tree. It was all unittenionally planned out perfect!

Well we opened presents again.
Isabelle got a cute little over night bag personalized with her name on it and a gift card (which she got a back and some care products for her 3Ds).

BJ got an IPod Shuffle.

Matt got a gift card.

I got a coat. (I haven't ever bought me an actual coat ever!! Jacket yes, coat no. I've just been wear old one of Matt's for 14 years!!)

We ate the feast I made and then we said our goodbyes. Over all it was an enjoyable Christmas.

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