Pinning Addiction

Ok, I know I have mentioned Pinterest before, but I can not help from getting addicted to daily pinning. I'm so glad my phone has issues or I would be on it all day long pinning new things!!!
It has been a great inspiration to many things around here: Food, Craft, Home Decor, and much more.
I will try to find a permanent button for the side but for now you follow me here if you are already a pinner if not join already!!

Here are some of the things I have been working on these past couple of weeks.

Christmas Present Spoiler Alert!!!

I am only going to show a side view of what I made because family and friends have daily access to this blog, but barely any of them have Pinterest so I will be posting ind. pictures over there if you want to look at them.

In the spirit of Halloween I made some Halloween candy for the first time. It included white chocolate covered pretzels with Halloween sprinkles, these smore like things that did NOT turn out as planned and Halloween Bark:

Crushed Halloween Oreos, crushed pretzels, Autumn Harvest candy corn mix, white chocolate, and Halloween sprinkles. Repeat after me, Party in my mouth!

Next I made Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese.
Matt is the pickiest eater in this house and he loved it! Nufff said!
Recipe link

Here is a sneak peek at what I will be finishing up today

And I'm also trying a new recipe, so until then I bid you adieu.

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