Oct., Srsly???

I just can't believe it's already October!
Life has gone by so quickly.
This past month we have contemplated a move, denied that contemplation, revived the van a couple of times, got caught in a drama-tornado, and just recently celebrated our son's 13th birthday!!!
I have a teen in the house!!
Also since i have been greatly inspired by Pinterest I cooked up some good eats!

This one was actually something my mom got from a kids cookbook, (that I inherited).
It was a little breakfast the kids actually got to cook themselves, (which my supervision of course).

Easy peasy: bread, butter (one side), egg (any way you like BJ had over easy Is and I choose scrambled), and my own addition any extras (I used bacon crumbles, shredded cheese and green onions). Oh and a cookie cutter that will fit in the bread.

The next thing I tried was home made Cheesy Breadsticks like Gambinos!!

Another easy peasy recipe: pizza crust (I made my own), Zesty Italian dressing spreaded generously over it, mozzarella cheese, garlic (better it it's fresh), Italian seasonings. Yum-freaking-ee!
The were just a side to the next try out
Pizza Soup:

This one I got from another blog over here. It was really easy and quite tasty, but there are some improvement I will be adjusting next time. It was a little to watery for our taste so we will be cutting out some of that and adding more pizza sauce.

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