It's been a chilly, rainy, weekend, and we did not leave the house at all!! (That's a good thing this time! ;) )
In the time spent here I used it up to clean the house and adding some Halloween decor to my dull, hum drum house.

Then I had made these from an idea I saved on one of my Pinterest boards(if you like to save a lot of ideas off the computer you should so use it, I LOVE it). You can look at it here. Well this weekend I took it into my part to actually hang them up in our bedroom. I'm usually very critical of my work, but i got to admit I like 'em!

And then the last thing I did that took 2 days, yes; T-W-O days to finish was clean my crafts space so I could make room for the new Cricky (I don't understand why Matt thought the dinning room table wasn't appropriate).

 Even though I don't have my own room in this house I think I have fared well with the space I got.

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