Labor Day Weekend

I am actually starting this post before the weekend is actually over, so I am really hoping that even though this weekend started off bad it will end better.

My van being loaded onto the tow truck. :(

On Friday I am heading to work almost there when POW!!!
The outside of my tire pops.
We have also been having problems with it not starting when I am at a certain place only, (weird I know but so true).

Looked ok while it stayed! :p
On Sat. I was just playing around with my hair and tried to make my first messy buns.
They didn't stay...

I color coded my ribbon (they were all just thrown together and I was starting to hate these jars but the color coding makes me have a change of heart)!

Then I color coded my stamps!
Sunday I started to reorganize some of my craft stuff, but I had to stop to go get groceries and haven't gotten back to finish cleaning...

I also stepped into the kitchen to bake up some ideas that have been floating around in my head for about a year now.

I messed up this batch. :'(
My first attempt at the caramel sauce bombed by burning it.

Carmel Apple Cupcakes (this recipe was a little too rich for Matt and I).
The second time tasted good, but I was so worried of burning it I took it off before it turned the right color (oh well at least it was edible this time).

Kids tossing the football.

Matt working the grill.

We also decided to enjoy the beautiful weather by packing up some grub and cooking out at the local park.
I can officially report it ended better than it started, but tomorrow is another day!
I hope every one out there had a fun, safe holiday!

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