I Got Hit With 2 Bugs This Week!!

IF you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you probably haven't really heard from me, and when you do it's been whiny little post about being sick.
I had a "BAD" flu virus, it made me feel like I was recovering from a month long binder, (that said I can honestly swear I have never really actually had a hangover I'm just referring to what I would think this is what one would feel like)!
 Well I also got hit with another bug this past week... heeeheee....


Yes remember that contest I won? Well it's here!
I haven't gotten to do much with being sick, (yes I have chosen laying in my bed instead of playing on my new toy don't shun me)!

I "HEART" me this prize!

I love my Imagine too, but this one is easy to get out and put up since right now my craft stuff has to share with the dinning room. (No, my dinning room had to share with my craft stuff).

I did play a little bit
This was some scrap vinyl I had laying around. I didn't have any transfer tape or contact paper so it turned out crappy.

Then I made Matt a little pick me up card because not only did we both have the flu he cut his leg bad, (8 staples and a stitch in a tendin).

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