4 of 52 (Actually 5 of 52)

So, I messed upwith the whole waiting to do #3 thing this one is actually the 5th picture I took for this project sorry. You still love me tho!!!
 The next post of my photo inspiration challenge.
Today's is WORKSPACE:
Here's the thing, I don't have a personal workspace that I feel is "my" workspace.
I don't have my own little space at work that's just my own.
My scrapbook stuff shares a room with the family dining room.
My computer share the family room.
I'm not complaining about it I'm just keeping it real.

Since my workspace is mobile and it's me I have a picture of my feet.
Weird I know, but still keeping it real!

And this IS the actual flip flops I killed my legs in walking a mile!

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