3 of 52 (Finally)

This post is part of a photo challenge that I am working on to boost my inspiration. This topic was Collection. When I first thought about ideas on what to photograph all I could come up was Matt's movie memorabilia, Isabelle's care bears, BJ's dirty laundry, or even the bills. I just could not put my heart into doing any of those, because they weren't MY collections. I thought well I don't have any collections, I'm too busy and fickle to start one. Then out of the blue I called my local camera shop to see if they would transfer old 110 negatives (an awesome find at my mom's last summer) onto a disk. When they said they did it hit me like a brick (BANG)! I do have a collection, and part of it is on those negative and I have some in a box in the garage.
So with out further ado, here is MY collection:

My New Kids on the Block collection.
This is only a small proportion of what I used to have and you know I had it all. I even threw in their most recent stuff I have collected. I keep telling myself that I'm going to make an epic scrapbook out of all this stuff. Even though I will never send my kid's kids to college with this collection I LOVE this collection!

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