Post Weekend Update

I am aware that it is practically the next weekend, but I am willing to forgive you for that... Oh wait this is my blog I'm late...

Last weekend I took the kids to our historic museum thing. We just walked around the outside exhibits though. It was really cool, and it's something I have been wanting to do for a while, because I knew there would be some awesome picture opportunities.

We took the long way down by the river. And yes I still pronounce it ArKANSAS river. I am still amazed though that it is the same river. You drive along 235 and look over the bridge it doesn't even look like a river but here, WOW.

Any ways, on our walk we read about the trail of tears which has always made me sad. We decided to take our own way back to the car and saw a professional photo shoot going on with cars and a model. It was great.

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