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I know this is a post where little if anyone will see my point of view, but I'm just putting it out there for future references(cuz ya know top CW TV executives read my blog).

Growing up I didn't enjoy reading books, especially the fantasy/scifi type. It wasn't intill I was in 9th grade when I came across this book series:
This was the first of 3 books, now it has been rereleased into 2 books.

The Secret Circle series.
It was written by L. J. Smith; (the same person who wrote Vampire Diaries a CW TV show now), about teenage witches.  Well I just read that they are putting together a pilot and I wanted to just add this little note.

When I first read this almost 19 years ago you always make your own mental picture of how a character should look. No actor I have come across has really caught my eye for anyone in the book until 3 years ago when I finally started watching One Tree Hill. It was the 5th season and I was pretty lost when they mentioned past thing,s so I bought all the previous seasons to catch up. It took only a couple of shows to make me realize that one of the actors would be perfect for the character Black John.......

Dan Scott!

Mute the music if you want.

Black John in the book is the bad guy, he's  a very bad witch! The actor Paul Johansson who portrays Dan Scott with all the evilness that would be perfect to portray Black John. And since this is the last season for One Tree Hill (even though he's was only on once this season), hint hint hint !!!
Just saying.

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