I Am.

I got this from a blog I follow here.

I am: Truly blessed with great friends and family.

I want: To be always surround by my friends and family!

I have: The best mom EVER!! She really knows how to support, teach, and love her children no matter what.

I wish: I could take more chances, just let go.

I hate: Double standards, if it's ok for you to do then it's ok for me. Get over it!!

I fear: Of never being "good" enough for any one or anything!

I search: For ways to better myself; diet, exercise, knowledge, hobbies.

I wonder: About the what if's too much.

I regret: Way too many opportunities that I was too scared to take a chance on.

I love: Other than my friends and family; to escape into my passions. Like my hobbies, or reading.

I ache: To be pregnant....

I always: Am a goody two shoes. Not that I always want too it's just I end up doing what is expected or what's right...

I usually: Don't drive, which is really kind of weird if you know some of the people I have had drive! ;p

I am not: Some one who gives up easily. You tell that I can't do it, I saw watch me!

I dance: Only in my head; I am a skinny cheerleader/dancer trapped in a overly hefty body!!!

I sing: When ever I feel like it which is a lot. I know my voice sucks ,but I know I enjoy singing so if you don't like it walk away!!

I never: Want to let people close to me down.

I cry: Way too much, I got it from my mother. I am way too sensitive, compassionate, and moody!

I am not always: As happy as I appear to be. I try not to burden others with my down days.

I loose: My mind... Like most people..

I am confused: With how some people treat their friends.

I need: Right now, I'm needing some spring clothes, but I won't get any because I don't like spending $$ on myself.

I should: Get off here and get ready to go me Matt for lunch!! LOL

What are you?

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  1. I relate to SO many of your answers! Especially about crying too much. I get that from my mom as well. And you know how some people can cry and look gorgeous? Not me. I am NOT a cute crier. Thanks mom! :p