Weekend Life.

This weekend was a fun start to spring break.

Matt didn't want to be pictured; these are temp. till we can find a set we have in mind.
 Sat. we fixed up out front porch, so we could actually sit and enjoys some time on it.
We had to take our computer to the Geek Squad.

We spent more than I planned during a Hobby Lobby run. We found this really neat little thing that was broken so we got it discounted and then I came home and fixed it.

Plus I finally found a frame to put my New Moon still I got a year ago. 
Matt and BJ mowed the grass while I set up the doctored up computer.
We had a wonderfull supper of grilled steaks, grilled loaded baked potatoes, and salad.
Most of us (Isabelle was grounded) rocked out on Band Hero.

Sun. We went to mass, and then since there was no PRE classes due to spring break we ate a big breakfast.

When we got home I decided to make some Black Forrest Cupcakes.

 I made a couple of vinyl projects with my new toy.
This is in our bedroom.

So over all I'm having a great time on spring break with family and projects. I still have 7 more days of stuff to do, and I can't wait!

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  1. It all looks really good ! You did a really good job WAY DA GO BABYDOLL !!