My first week back,,,, I guess?

This week I set out to spend my first week back to Head Start. I was excited, and raring to go. Well our little friend Jack Frost thought he would come visit instead!

Tuesday: I woke up to canceled school, but it was only raining when I took Matt to work at 6:30am, so I decided to get groceries before all the crap came in. I was in the store no more than an hour when it started to pelt ice on me coming out of the store. Within that little time the roads started to freeze.

Wednesday: School had been canceled again and my husband had to work all evening again..

Thursday: I got to send the kiddos back to school and got to go back to work for my 2nd/4th day! I also got to finally wear my JC Penny clearance rack finds. I got the white button up and the red sweater vest for $6.00 each.

Friday: I take the kids to school and I try to kill some time before I gotta head to work. I get there 30 min. early and sit out in my car to wait when my boss runs out and says, "Turn off the car and get in here to help me we are shutting down because of the storm". Well after we closed down I went ahead and go get my kids from their schools and we go home.

All I have to say is:
I am SICK of this little apt.! 
I am pleased to announce we are officially looking and calling about getting into a house (finally). Although we wanted to wait till school is out our sanity is more important than material things. Wish us look as we search for that perfect little place we plan to call home.
Have a great week!

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