Blizzard and TV Star

Well as many of you know if you live anywhere in the middle of the US we got pounded with rain, ice, and snow. Most people have gotten a couple of days off from school and work to stay warm and cozy in the comfort of their home. There are some however, like this poor city crew that was interviewed last night on one of the local stations (The one loading sand in the dump truck is my husband and Brandon was the one who he worked with last night) who have to brave the weather and keep working.
I just ask dear people who have to get out in this crap: take your time, you know these guys are doing the best they can, they are encountering dangerous road to help make them safer for you. Don't get pissy cuz they are driving too slow or are in your way. Their mission is to try to avoid accidents not for you to make accidents!!!!

Road Crews Work Overnight To Break Through The Ice - Video - KHBS NW Arkansas

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