Goodbyes and HELL-Os!

*Que music from Muppets Take Manhattan*

Say-ing goodbye why is it sad .......
so freakin awesome!

We recently moved out of the tiny little temporary apt. this last month into a house, and I couldn't be more thankful!
So I'm saying goodbye to some unpleasantries and hello to some things I have unappreciated till this past year.

Goodbye stove that had only ONE working burner, and barely working oven.
Goodbye concrete floor (yes IN the house) that hurt our feet and left crumblies in the beds.
Goodbye steel steps that were so scary, especially when it snowed.
Goodbye small cramped rooms that caused us to put 90% of our stuff in storage.
Goodbye windows that if you could see out of all you saw was a car pound or chickens.
Goodbye front porch (if you could even call it that) that over looked the parking lot or a busy main road.
Goodbye laundry mat, I will not have to waste my time or money seeing you.
Now here's a warm welcome to some things I did not even value till they were gone.

Hello my working gas stove friend. I will cook great meals on you and we will become quite close.
Hello wood/carpet flooring, you are so pretty and I love walking on you.
Hello driveway, I love parking on you and then walking straight into my house.
Hello room for everyone, although you are not huge you have allowed us to each have a room and even a place for "my goodies".
Hello bright windows that look out into a normal residential neighborhood.
Hello my old friends washer and dryer, as you sat in storage I would ponder of the days we would get to meet again.

OK Mr. Apt, I'm sorry you really weren't horrible. You helped us get back on our feet, you helped us appreciate things, and you gave use some memories we will NEVER forget good and bad. So I send my farewell to you and wish you luck with future tenants.

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