Isabelle Speaks

If you have ever actually had the privilege to speak to my daughter, you know that she says just about ANYthing! Family members and friends alike look forward to the next funny thing that comes from her. This summer when we spent a month with my mom and step dad we had a nightly ritual of funny things Isabelle said today. This is my post dedicated to her. I am posting some of the funny things she said over the last year.

"I'm talking to my mirror friend" -when we asked what she was doing one afternoon in her bedroom.
"My favorite song by Mickey the Mouse" -referring to a song Hot Dog heard on Mickey Mouse Club House.
"Well I'm nitino" -Informing my step dad of her origin (which we aren't even sure we just know that she does have mixed bio. parents).
"I work at Wal-mart DOT com" -informing my mom of where she works, (this is an ongoing thing, she will go on and on about where she works at this week and why she quite or got fired from somewhere else).
"I can go on PBSkids.com and you spell it pspb" -telling my mom what Internet sites she gets on at school.
"I just typed in the correct answer into the black box duh" -When we asked her how she fixed the computer even though the night before we tried EVERYTHING to fix it. (Mind you she still doesn't read well so neither her nor us knows what she actually typed in).

If you have talked to Isabelle this year and you have something to add feel free. I hope one day she will see this page and remember all the laughter she has brought us!

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