My 2010 Debbie Downer Post

Ok for weeks now you have read or heard me complain how I hated 2010, and how I'm ready to see some 2011 come my way. Well here's a little whiny look back at why it sucked for me. (It won't include it all because some things are better left unsaid.
January-We are literally walking out of the hospital New Years watching the fire works because Isabelle decided to try and cut her pinkie toe off from our fridgerater.
February-Actually got a peak at the dark side of people we thought were friends and I quite my job due to gossip and BJ deciding to go all crazy at school.
March-Matt's sister died, fought with family members, and........ lets just skip on to the next month.
April-My car went bye bye.
May-We need to move because our rental house was being sold and we are tight on $$ so we thought we would be homeless.
June-The kids and I spend the month in Ks. with my mom because we were afraid of not having anywhere to live.
July-We come back to a itsy bitsy tienie wienie apt.
August-Our income decides to go sightseeing before finally making it to our mail box causing a lot of pissy people.
September-Matt's POS car (our only one now) can't make it across town any more so that messes with Isabelle's cheerleading. So we have to get reliable transportation, but I still can't find work.
October-All in a two week period I swear my mom told me she has MS and ended up in the hospital for awhile, my dad tells me he has lung cancer and is gonna be starting chemo, and then Matt's dad goes to the hospital with kidney failure which ended up being he is allergic to gluten.
November-Was planning on moving out but we had to pay some outrageous tags and taxes on the new car, also causing us to question our Turkey day trip to Ks.
December-Christmas is always harder but in this tiny apt. it was horrid!! I thought that since I couldn't get into the holiday cheer I would make yummies to give to people, but I receive some strep throat as a thanks. And I guess because we rang in the new year with Isabelle she had to go out wit ha bang and came home with lice today. (I know she just had to have gotten it because I flat ironed her hair earlier this week and there was nothing in her hair)!
So I'm so ready to be off with the old and on with the new! Matt and I have some workable goals that we have laid out for this next year and we are honestly looking forward instead of all the crap we stepped into this year!  LOL.

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