Not Our Average Christmas Day!

This year was kinda of a crappy year here in the Brown house hold (but that's for another post); that we kind of ditch a lot of our normal Christmas traditions. Not only is the apt. to small to decorate, we just didn't really have the heart to this year.

This year we:
Substituted are 8ft tree for a 4ft entryway tree
No decorations
No finger foods on Christmas Eve
Mass on Christmas Eve (a first in a long while)
I did make holiday sweets for everyone
The kids opened their small stash with such humbleness (I don't even know if that is a word)
We went to the movies Christmas day to watch Yogi bear (which Matt called cute, something he never has said before)
We tried to enjoy a Christmas meal at Furrs, but when we pulled in there was a line wrapping around the building (Don't think I need to freeze my butt off for Furrs sorry).
Since the only other 2 places open were Waffle House or IHOP (I really didn't want to spend $40 on Christmas pancakes) we went home.

And so ended the not so Christmasy Christmas day!

Only 6 more days till the new year; now that's the holiday we are looking forward to!
Can you tell we are a little bitter of 2010?

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