Starting my list:

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...
Oh wait, I got those.
OK so here's a draft of some things I am wanting for Christmas for reelz.
So, friends and family, here is a little hint to some awesome things to get me for the holidays
(*cough, cough* Matthew*, cough*).


Isn't it beautiful?


Hey Chrissy, want to join Heather and I for a "friendaissance"?


Yeah I know, the Gypsi is out, but I'm behind times in the scrapbooking world.


I heart this game srsly!

I usually hate gift cards, but since I am loosing weight I can't give you a definite size in clothing, so a gift card from any these fine stores would be "perfection":
Lane Bryant, JC Penny, Old Navy, or Kohls.


On DVD or Blu-Ray; I won't be offended for either.

Something to do on my 2 weeks off (paid) during the holidays:

8.)  You really didn't think this would be Twilight free did ya?

Plus the soundtrack will be out.
I will probably buy this stuff before Christmas, but just in case.

This is just a first draft; I may take things off or add to it, but just so it's out there.

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  1. Would love to play Friends with you and Heather...that would be a blast!