Things I'm diggin right now...

We all love many different things at many different times, but here's some things that I totally dig right now:

1.) I love decorating my house in fall decor.

This is the top of our buffet it has fake pumpkins and leaves.

These are just some little Halloween figurines.

2.) Halloween colors (I mean who doesn't; orange is for the bright people and black for the dark lovers)!

This is my first bow I made. I used some extra ribbon from my scrabooking supplies.

3.) These shoes (some of you may remember me posting that I was wanting them; well the store near me finally got some in and I heart them a lot).

P.S. Sorry it's so dark I hate using lights if it's daytime but it's kindy rainy today so not as much light as normal. (it's an anal thing)

4.) Hastings-I love to go there. It sells new/used books, music, movies, games, novelty crap, and rents movies. So if I feel so obliged I can go hang and O.D. on all things Twilight, or as of right now we have relegiously been getting all the episodes of The Office.

This is not the one I go to, but hey you get the picture.

5.) Enjoying the wether outside on my front/back porch with the family.

And finally...
6.) Losing weight- Even though it's not much and it varies day to day/scale to scale. I have been on a diet now for a month and as an average I have lost 11.5 lbs. (it's different on different scales so I just figured the avg. out). I feel the difference (shockingly, I never thought it would really matter), I see it, and others do to. So overall I'm pretty happy, but I am afraid I'm not gonna loose any more or gain it back. The fall is the worst temptations with all the candy and cooking I am used to doing!!!

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