Remembering '88= good times!

Bj has started talking to the girls only now instead of getting a girl's phone number he got her email address. It got me thinking about my first crush(es); I was in 4th grade when I started crushes on 3 different guys. The weird thing is; is that they are part of my life now:

The first crush came through the powers of TV on "Just Don't Sit There" on Nickelodeon. It was kind of like the New Mickey Mouse Club (another show wilt lots of talented people). The guy that does the introduction and also is on @ 3:26 was Matt Brown (I swear, I can't make these things up). He still does acting and voice-overs. Now a funny thing is who he introduces: New Kids on the Block for their second time on the show.

But here's the first time NKOTB appeared on "Don't Just Sit There", and this was when those blue eyes got me.I was hooked ever since then.

Now the last crush was on a real person, and what I mean about that is that I saw saw him periodically through a group I was a part of not on TV. I am only gonna list his first name, because well it was my 1st crush and way to embarrassing to admit. He was older then me and after '88 year I really only ever saw him a couple of times. Yeah, his name was also Matt.

So do you see how they are still with me today?
Matt Brown (I srsly think this is freaky)

 NKOTB 7-3-09 Singing Please Don't Go Girl                                 My Matt Brown

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  1. That's hilarious they are exchanging emails now! lol