Getting geared up to watch Fall's next cancelled series.

Every fall the we turn our cable back on (I feel what's the point of paying $100 a month during the summer for re-runs especially when we can be doing other summer fun things). We also get ready for our small select shows to come back on, or to start watching new series that premiere, but do not usually make it past Christmas.
Every year I am looking for the next great TV series that will grab me in and make me a follower, so here's my fall line-up:

Looks like this night will hold a conflict of my interest:

7:00pm is the conflict time on CBS they have "How I Met Your Mother" where I have come to enjoy Bob Saget's narritive voice. CW however has moved "One Tree Hill" into an earlier time slot, plus they have taken off 2 of my favorite characters. It will be interesting to see which show will grab my weekly attention!
7:30pm CBS Has a new show called, "Accidently on Purppose" with Jenna Elfman that I would chose to watch if OTH fails to hold my attention.
8:30 CBS moved "Big Bang Theory" giving me a 30 min. break to do motherly things.
9:00 NBC has "Jay Leno"-(I just want to what this is all about)

We never have really watched much on Tuesday nights and this fall doesn't look promising either.


In the past Wednesdays never did anything for us either but this year it looks like it will be another conflict:

ABC has a whole new lot of new shows that I want to check up on like:
7:00 "Hank"-with Kelsey Grammer
7:30 "The Middle"-with Patricia Heaton
8:00 "Modern Family"-with Ed O'Neil
8:30 "Cougar Town"-with Courtney Cox

However FOX grabbed my attention with "Glee" last sping when they show the 1st episode (a teaser really) till this fall. They placed it in the 8:00 time slot.
Also during Mid-season NBC's "Mercy" which is on at 7:00 will be replaced with "Parenthood" (a series based on the movie).


This has always been a TV night; "Friends", "The Office", "Smallville", "C.S.I." I usually live for Thursday nights. This year I am a little dissapointed.

7:00pm The CW moved "Smallville" to Friday nights and replaced it with "Vampire Diaries" which could be promising (seeing how I am Twi-obsesed and I aslo love another series the author of VD wrote), but I don't know it could be really lame-spice too!
8:00 "The Office" (which I am dying to see agian).


7:00pm CW :Smallville"- as Isabelle will tell you mommy's got to have her some "HOT" Clark!

After that the rest of the weekend is really up for grabs. We usually don't watch TV much on the weekends any ways. If I do it's like Dateline or 20/20 or something like that.

I do not want to make any predictions, I just hope that the ones I do actually like will last a little longer than 2 weeks!

Do you have any shows you are looking forward too, or is there a new TV series you're ready to watch? Let me know if you find a really good one!

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