Wannabe's and Sales; I heart you!

Well as some of you know Matt has been under the weather (the big baby), well he went to go get him some food the other night after days of fever and all. You can imagine what he looked like..... (Not his prettiest moment). But as he was checking out at the grocery store the girl was like (yes I used the word like), "Oh wow you have the best hair, I wish my boyfriend could get his hair like that, you look like that guy from Twilight, how do you get it like that"? "I just get up and it's like this", and leaves the store. Well if you know any thing about RPatz (aka Edward) he gets his hair to be like that by "not washing it", so does my husband....

my mattward

They are hair twinkies!

Today I went shopping, I know they say to never got shopping while you are trying to loose weight, but I work with kids and I think it's not cool for my pants to fall down while I am teaching. So I head over to Lane Bryant(cringing at the fall price tags) I move to the back of the store and nose throught the clearance, and I notice a sign that says clearance $6.99. My first thought maybe that means 7 off the clearance tag, you can't but clothes here for that less. Well, I find a skort to try on, and then I found my dressmate (soulmate in dress form! I found another dress to try on also, I wasn't planning on really buying them because the price tag on one was $49.95 and 7 off that was still above my budget. After i tried everything on I asked one of the ladies and she confirmed that all my objest were indeed only 7 bones! I grabbed a couple of other color skorts and left with most of my money still in my wallet! This first dress is my dressmate! I heart it, oh and btw I heart that it make me look thinner!


This is the second one; it's more casual, and it was just a good deal that I could let pass to some one else!


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  1. love those dresses that are so cute! and dressmate is my new favorite phrase!