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I can hear all the muttering now: Uhh who cares?
Well I do!
See the most I have traveled is northward-Kansas city, westward some small town in western Kansas, eastward Branson, Mo, and southward Fort Smith, Ar.
As you can see I have not been anywhere. I have always told Matt that if we ever get to retire I want to travel. (He just sighs and says we'll see. He's got to travel his whole life his dad was in the airforce, so he's been to lots of great places and doesn't see the need to see them again).
Anyways, jumping off track, We got a call Friday night that one of his sister's is planning on getting married in the spring to a guy that lives in New Jersey. His parents live in Pen. where he wants to have the wedding.
Is it sad that I am totally excited; not because she's getting married, but because I will get to venture out of my 4 state radius?
Matt told me he will even take off a whole week to visit New Jersey, and New York! Of course nothing is set in stone, because lets face it the wedding is not till Spring. Things could happen before then, but until I step off the airplane in a foreign state I can dream and plan right?

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