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Yesterday morning I woke up already on fire; after a night of tossing and turning worried about this whole Isabelle/school thing (oh yeah btw she comes tells me the teacher makes them take naps.... that's fine, but what 2nd grader is really suppose to take a nap... They aren't teaching her they are treating her like a dang daycare child). Anyways I start off grumpy and we end up grumbling at each other. I head to the bath room to put myself in a time out because I know I am not really frustrated with her. Matt wakes up, walks into the room with Isabelle and asks her, "What's wrong Isabelle"? She replies in her grumpiest voice, "I'm mad at your.... wife"!
Ouch, I deserved that.

Then the end of my work day is running down and there was a child at work who could NOT pronounce the word chalk correctly even though we tried with all out efforts to break up the syllables for them, but they still would leave out the h. Well my brain must have switched into weekend mode before it was time because when the child said, "I'm going to go pway wit my calk", my brain automatically thought, that's what she said.
Luckily, I am not one of those people who blurts things out right when I think of it.

I was so happy when 5:30 p.m. because I was so ready for my weekend to begin!


(Now the weekend tech.)

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  1. hahaha. Great pic! Hey- thanks for your comment on my post on BBL! Little Giants WAS the best.