The Power of the Creekmore Pool

Today Matt and I took the kids to the Creekmore Park Pool for like an end of summer vacation fun day. Granted this was the first time I have been swimming in like three years (Don't ask me why, there was some illogical anxiety I grew and now have over come), as I set foot in the water the many years of spending everyday in the El Dorado Pool came back to me. It was fun being there having family time, and there were 2 things that were brought to my attention.

1.) My kids don't really HATE each other: There are weekends where I think I have to literally sit between them all afternoon so they do not fight with each other. So I was quite shocked to see B.J. be a big brother by playing, talking, and helping Isabelle in the water. It was the best two hours of my life! He did not say one mean thing to her, try to drown her, or even huff and puff if she didn't want to do something he suggested. I do inform you now that the peace treaty ended in the car a block away from the pool when one of them crossed the other's invisible line in the back seat!

2.) B.J. has a STRUT: As it was getting closer time to leave B.J. runs up to us to tell us that this girl he had a crush on in 3rd grade was there. Matt, after several attempts, convinces him to go talk to her. B.J. gets backs into the pool and finally, casually gets close to her and waits till shes not around every one and starts talking to her for half of a minute. She gets out to go down the slide again and B.J. rushes back to inform his father of his accomplishment. With his hopes flying high he STRUTS back to the slides to have his 2 more turns before we leave.

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