Back to School Again

Today was the glorious day when the heavens opened doors back up to many children. OK when I say heavens I mean school (cuz that's what it is to us parents- 7 hours of heaven away from our children).

Well any ways I pull up to BJ's school and getting ready to get out (because I want to see where he will be spending his 7 hours at and to point out what an agenda book is at the student store), when he seethes, "You know I know how to go into the school I'm in 5th grade". Nice, I have officially been snubbed with the I'm cooler than my parents feeling.

Then to make my day worse; Isabelle was transferred to a crappy school. She is high functioning/adaptable mentally retarded, and not every school has the special education classes so they have to be bussed to a different school that will meet her needs. When we first moved here in Feb. of '07 she was sent to this school that sent home coloring pages everyday that's it! She regressed and lost everything that she had learnt so far that year. Then last year she was sent to a GREAT school, with a GREAT teacher, she did amazing with her learning, and made some really good friends. So when I got a letter yesterday in the mail at 3:45 p.m. saying she is transferred to one of the lower rated schools, I was hot. I went in there trying to keep an open mind, but I lost it. I decided to go to the special education department to inform them of my concerns for her education. First they tried to pass me off, then they tried to give me excuses that I already had comebacks for (because I like to make informed decisions), and then when I would not back down they sent me to some one else, who pretty much just said the school I wanted her to go back to is full all he could do is give me the name and number of some one else and to call her each week to see if there is any new openings. I don't understand why they would mess with children's education? I feel like they are playing Russian Roulette with her. So all in all I feel like i got NO where and I am going to have to make some serious decisions on what to do next.

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