I just want you to know that I am sorry that I haven't written anything lately. Things are so messed up around here some times I have to figure what way is up or down. (Nothing horrible just messy).

  • Work has gotten me so frazzled it's unbelievable. I work for a full year head start (that means that we go all year long except for 2 weeks in Aug., Dec, & 1 week in March) Well even though we do not have children we DO NOT get a break, we have to clean the whole center; take down everything that has reflected the past year, then we have to rearrange all the layout, and then put up new stuff for the new year. All this is going on while we are having in-services, open enrollment, and drama (our agency has reached 100 employees and only 1 is male so there is always drama)! And to top it all; my normal 9:30am - 5:30pm shift is blown out of the water for the two weeks. I think about every other day I've had a new schedule to go into. (I do have to say that they have allowed me to get off earlier so I can take an afternoon nap).

  • Home is crazier; we are reaching the end of summer irritations; you know the ones where there are only 2 more weeks till school starts and every one is sick of the others because they've been home ALLLL summer long?? (Come on parents you know what I'm saying). Then there is added expense of back to school clothing and school supplies (have you seen some of the things they ask for now a days??).

  • Then there is myself, I am going to the Dr. on Tuesday to talk about some concerns with myself. I just haven't been up to par really since my trip to Ks. (not blaming, just saying), and I hope that I can figure it out to get better.

Like I said I am sorry for the emptness of my writting. I hope things will start getting back to normal when everyone starts back to school the 17-19.

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