You gotta love it too...

Picture from cracked.org

I just loved that the fortune from my fortune cookie tonight said, "Your are strong and sensitive". (I swear this is not a misspelling on MY part)!!!!

I just love that my 7 year old daughter came in a few seconds ago and asked to stay home sick tomorrow. Not looking at her I ask why, she says I have a baby in my stomach. I look at her a bay doll was stuck up her shirt. She then looks at me I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl.

I love that when we were eating supper my daughter got some weird looking ball thing that was filled with who knows what and got some of it on her nose (it was black). I pointed it out and she yells oh haw it looks like my boogers!

And most of all I love the fact when me and my co-worker tried to redirect a 5 year old fom inapproiate behavior she replied with, "Girl you be tripping".

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