A quiet weekend at home.... Yeah right!

With BJ away in Kansas having fun with the family and all visiting family off to their homes; I thought it would be great to stay at home and do nothing this weekend. Well as life goes it didn't happen.

Hobby Lobby had a great sale on scrapbooking stuff, so of course I spent too much. I bought 2 new albums half off, stickers, alphabet stickers, and 4 paper packs half off. Randi has come by everyday to scrapbook with me.

Today I decided to make up m own recipe for Matt, Carne Asada Enchiladas. It was good but there is some changes I will make for next time.

Isabelle btw has taken too being the only child around, but it was funny when she was talking to my mom about when BJ goes to visit her.

My mom: I'm going to see BJ soon.

Isabelle: You are???

My Mom: Yeah, he's staying with me next weekend.

Isabelle: Nuhhh Huhhh he's gone. He aint coming back.


  1. Umm...that food looks delicious. Recipe share?

  2. No Problem, it is still a work in progres change what ever you like this was of course to please my picky husband. This fed 4 of us heafty eaters and we still made another meal out of it.

    3lbs. of Skirt Steak (You can just use sirloin).
    Olive Oil
    Fajita Seasoning
    Ranchero Queso Fresco White Mexican Cheese 2 pack
    5 Flour Tortilla
    Pico de Gallo (I just bought premade but you can make your own)
    Fresh Cilantro Chopped

    Cut fat off of steaks; as much as possible. Cover both sides with Fajita Seasoning, Olive Oil(I don't measure sorry), and 4-6 stems of the cilantro. Cover and let set for 2-24 hrs.

    Grill on each side to you're liking. (with the skirt steak it only took about 5 min. on each side) When done let set for 8-10 min. Then slice against the grain into small bite sized pieces.

    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

    Crumble cheese in a bowl or plate(you could shred it but the kind I bought just crumbled as I tried to shred it). Heat up the flour tortillas to make them easier to roll.
    I used a 9 x 13 pan spray w/ coating. Fill tortillas with meat, cheese, cilantro. Roll them and place in the pan. I didn't use all the meat to fill them so I spread some on top also along with more cheese and cilantro.
    Cook for about 30 min.
    Top with Pico de Gallo (Or any other favorite mexican topping. After the picture was taken we added Gaucamole to it.

    Ok like I said it was a work in progress this was my first made up meal. The insides were dryer than what we expected, but it was still good. If you find an improvement share it back. I won't be hurt, but grateful for the next time I make this.