The HOT-ness factor

I was just really bored tonight, so I just wanted to share the top 5 celebrities that I find super HOT.


1. Joe McIntyre-he has been a hottie to me since i was in the 4th grade and he still has "The Right Stuff" (Sorry had to put htat in there). Those blue eyes can just get to me every time.


2. Tom Welling-My husband starting watching Smallville @ season 3, he got me to finally watch it one night and I have been hooked since. (I even wrote about Superman for my research paper in English Comp. II).


3. Robert Pattinson-Twilight (do I really need to say more?).


4. Ryan Reynolds-He cracks me up, but is yummy to look at too.


5. Ryan Phillippe-He hasn't been doing much since his divorce but I must admit I still think he is hot.

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