I Know You Missed Me Mucho!

Ok so my computer has been down and actually I'm using my slow, old-defied compter that sucks a** but will work for now till my cool birthday laptop returns. Here's some things that's been going on.
I missed the whole freakin MTV awards (New Moon trailer :'( waaaa!)
Conan has started his run on The Tonight Show (which willl always remind me and my sister of my friend's gradutating hope to go to New York, follow him and marry Conan), but he's been doing great.
I had Matt's family all over with the reunion which was really the best one yet I think!!
BJ left for Kansas with the inlaws til the 19th!!! It's quiet...
I have found a scrappin buddy with the newly graduated Randi, I have finished more pages in this past week then in most months, yeah!
Vacation is right around the corner and I'm super excited!!
I'll catch up better this weekend when my other computer comes home so I can add tons of pics..

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