A Inside Look at the Daring (Boring) Weekend of a Mother/Wife

There are some families that stuff a week worth of things to do with the family into the weekend; not ours. Matt really likes to keep his weekends on the D/L, I like to try to catch up on things that I don't get to do during the week, and the kids like to get down and dirty in the back yard. Here is an inside look at the unaction-filled weekend.

1. Starting off Saturday the right way.

2. Bills, groceries, and all the other nonfun things that eat your hard earned money. Matt likes to help go through the bills and grocery list with my. but OMG! when you tell him he's coming with you.

3. Aww now that I'm back home it's Animal Crossings time!!!

4. Cooking Supper:I make the suppers on the weekends and as that duty came Sat. night I made meatballs subs.

5. Sunday to do list: Bake Brownies, Scrapbook a few pages, write some pages for new book, and an added bonus watch kids do a dance routine!!!

No that is not a cookbook that is a mystery book called "Creme Puff Murders" that has fun new cookie recipes to try. I tried Brownies Plus. All home made (no box) and yes that is a layer of Mr. Goodbar there in the middle!!

OK this was when I was writing some pages and checking my emails at the same time. I can multitask you know...(Snotty look to you).

To everything turn, turn turn; there is a season.......

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