I got a bubba KeeKee gift!!!!!

Ok, I have heard this happening, but up into this point of my life it never has. I was thinking I was a bad kitty parent.

Last night I asked Matt to come help me make the bed (like we do every night) and as I am walking around our little room to my far side of the king bed I glance down to see a gift on the floor, on MY side of the bed, from my lovely cat.

What is that you ask, is that poo, is that a toy? Well let's take a closer look like I did. BTW if you are any way squeamish do NOT look at the next picture (well if you wanna run off puking like I did).
OMG!!!!!!! I was so freaked out that I would step on another or worse he would bring one to bed that I was up all night with a tummy ache, and paranoia. Like I said I've heard that cat's do this for their owners, so is it sad that even though I am now totally freaked out to go to my bed I am also a little happy that my KeeKee gave me a gift?...

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  1. Congratulations! Just think what kind of gifts Rock Chalk leaves!!!!!!!!
    luv you!!!!!!