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Oliver, our oldest dog was like, "Hey where's a blog with just your animal kids, I see you talk about BJ, Matt, You, and Isabelle. I even seen some stupid stuff about TV shows, books, five singers, and something about a Vampire that drinks animal blood (which I feel is inhumane)"? I told him that I did talk about him in 2 blogs he just ignored me and started licking himself. So, to please him I am writing about our pet kids in our life and how they became our "kids".

Dumb Cat

Matt usually tolerates dogs for the most part, and in most cases he hates cats. Well we were living in El Dorado at the time and he was working for the city there and a friend of his who worked for the animal shelter (God rest his soul), told Matt to come down to see this cat. Matt went down there to pasify him, and the next thing I know is he's coming home begging to get this cat. Now I was so shocked that he wanted a cat, even to rescue it usually he's like, "Get a free on from the Shopper's Guide", that I was ok with it. Well I expected a cute little kitty, no it's a full grown cat, just an average stray cat, and a boy which I wasn't really fond of. We still got him, got him fixed and brought him home to try to domesticate him. Well this was Janurary 2002 and Isabelle was about to turn 2. That cat had it in for her, she was just the right height to barely be seen over the couch arms, and all the cat could ever see was her little puff of hair on top of her head so he was always pouncing her as she walked by. We got him declawed, because the scratches on Isabelle's face were getting too much. He has been through a lot, and has always stormed on. He thinks/ knows he's got the run of the house. Right now he's huge but during the
summer he looses most of it, he goes out for most of the day and comes in to eat and sleep in the evening. Every once in a while though, he'll hide and pounce his favorite prey - Isabelle.


We got Oliver in Janurary 2007, he was 7 weeks old. He is a full blood daschund mom was short haired; dad was long haired. He was entended to be Matt's dog, I preferred Pomeranians, but it didn't end up that way. I am the one you see him with the most. He follows me aroud the house, he sleeps at the foot of my chair. and he starts of between my legs in bed till I kick him away as I toss and turn in the night. He is named after the Justice League. He preferrs to sleep under the blankets like most kids do (LOL). He is very protective of me, he doesn't like it when the kids or Matt try to tickle or wrestle with me. He used to bark at EVERYTHING, but I think we are taking care of that. He tolerates the kids, he'll go to Matt, he plays with the cat, and the new puppy, but he's wants everone to know that he's my baby (this just means he get jealous easy shhh don't tell him I said that).

She is the newest member at being brought home March 27th, and she was 8 weeks old at the time. She was free, but as there is no real such thing as a free dong she had a complication and needless to say visited the doggie hospital the next day we got her to take care of what need to be done. She is a sheltie/spaniel mix, we want her to be the kids' dog so we let them take care handle her the most. She is very defiant on potty training, she also wants to play a little rougher than we want so we are trying to break her of that. Even Ollie gets hurt by her puppy teeth.

That's it, that's all we want right now, no more for awhile. Oh and i just want to say yea me for getting over 100 people to look at my blog!! Not that that's popular, but it means some one out there reads me!!

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