My shout out for any One Tree Hill and Chad Michael Murray fan.

I know I am a nobody, and the big production people out there won't read this but I just thought I would do my part for a TV character that I have come to love. I recently watched Chad say to some fans that the head people do not want him to come back next season to One Tree Hill to reprise his role as Lucas Scott (a main character), due to cut backs on budget expenses. Well that's stupid as heck, he was the reason I started watching OTH. I admit I started late in the OTH series when I first tuned in at the beginning of season 5; although it took me awhile to watch it, I was so into it within the first two episodes I rented, bought, and obsessed about the seasons I had missed. I love his broodingness, his over all sense of goodwill, and the constant chase for Peyton played by Hilarie Burton(who they don't want to come back either and is also a main character). To take either one of them out is like taking Lois Lane and Clark Kent out of Smallville next season (another WB show I love), or better yet taking Meredith Grey off of Grey's Anatomy. I mean I love the rest of actors, (you guys do a great job also I would feel the same about any of you), but come on seriously no Lucas!!! I'm hoping that maybe if you read this and you're a One Tree Hill fan you'll shout out your support for Chad. There is not much I like on TV right now that I will DVR, like 3 shows maybe. One of them is OTH, please don't permanently get rid of Peyton and Lucas, my Monday night will get lonely. Check Chad and Hilarie out while the are still on the show, new episodes of One Tree Hill airs Monday nights, 8pm Central time on the WB; check your local listings for different times.

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