Spring Break blues

OK, I was planning on taking a trip with both the kids back to Ks. for spring break. The kids and I have been looking forward to this trip because there are friends and family that we were going to visit that we haven't seen in over a year to many years. Well some things have happened that has made this trip possibly cancelled. I mean I have been sick forever and I am just now starting to feel like I can get out of the house. Plus we have been waiting for a check that comes monthly in the mail since the beginning of Feb. This check has been sent out to us 3 times so far. Then I missed like three and a half days of work last week, because of being sick or my special trip to Tulsa so my next check will be sparse not leaving a lot of extra spending cash. It looked like it would be a couple more months till I got to visit. Well we got news that today that Ks. has found our check (again) and this time we figured out a fool proof plan to get it. I also decided that if we get it fast enough and have enough money left over after I tag my car, maybe, just maybe I can come visit my good ole hometown of El Dorado, Ks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because it's either visit Ks. or I'm gonna pass time of springbreak by Re-reading the Twilight Saga for the seventh time. Hmmmm.... that's really not that bad either... Naw I really would like to see my friends and family...

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