A Great Day to Be Outside

Saturday was my first official day of Spring Break and it sucked; it rained all day long! Sunday, however was BEAUTIFUL! We decided to get out and work on some outside projects while enjoying the weather. Of course it was my job to take pictures!! LOL, the hardest job, ;)! Matt and BJ worked on taking down part of this generic fence that we made when we first moved in to keep our lovely dog Oliver in the back yard. The space is only about 10 feet and has concrete on most of the ground so we just put up a temp. fence. Well, needless to say, Ollie has been climbing over, especially if I'm leaving and he really wants to go some where. Well he can't climb over this one!!!

All though we were mean dog owners confining our little one we did add a door to our front porch so that he can now come out with us when while we sit out there. While the boys were doing that Isabelle decided to sharpen her bicycling skills (she just learned to ride it without the training wheels last week).

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