I watched a show the other evening were the starring family's topic during supper was how someone got the nickname they had acquired. It got me trying to remember all the nicknames we have acquired in this family and their origins. I finally got 'em all round up and now I'm letting the world know 'em. We'll start with Matthew's

pappabear - given to him by me cuz we are a beary special family!! ;)
buggy-also given to him by me, it was just a name I started calling him.
Jayhawk- a set of people he is some times put with at work call him this cuz we had lived there until our move here.
Diesel- given to him by co-workers due to a mistake he made at work concerning a truck and the wrong fuel.

Staci (Me)
Mammabear-ok I pretty much gave it to myself for obvious reasons.
Boobie-Matt gave me this one I don't know why he calls me that; I even asked him how he got it and he really didn't have a good answer.
Sis-my dad and mom call me this, I guess cuz I was the oldest.
Stac-this is pronounced st-ACE. This was also given to me by my parents but everyone has called me this it's just a shortened version of my name.
Stak-I can not tell you the exact person to first call me this but it happened in 6th grade P.E. class when we had to have our shirts personalized, I had Stac some one pronounced it Stak and it stuck.

Berlin James
B.J.-was called this as a foster son because his old name had the initials B and J.
Bjer-given to him by his aunt Heather.
Bjerbear-given to him by Matt and I, we just added our bearyness to his aunt's nickname.
Bub-Matt calls him this especially when they are bonding; like when they lightsaber duel, or watching a sci-fi movie.

Is-what we call her sometimes as parents trying to shorten her name.
Izzie-what Grandpa Brown calls her (I hate this one, reminds me of a lizard).
Isabethan-I gave this to her when I was going through English Comp. I. and Children's Lit. I kept reading things from the Elizabethan era. One night when doing home work it just kind of came out.
Beathie-This one she gave herself because at the time she couldn't say Isabethan.
Beathiebear-Matt and I adopted her Beathie and added our bear-ix to it.

Dumb Cat
Bubba Keekee-I gave him this because I hate the name Matt gave him. Plus he's to cat like to have the bearness.

Oliver Bartholomew Kent
Ollie-All of us, I mean come on, we had to shorten it.
Olliebear or Lolliebear-I added his bear name to it. Some times when he's really cuddly it's bear-bear.

It's still early for her, I mean it's only been 24 hours since we got her. I know we'll probably have to add the bear some where. Hmm Nessiebear or BearNessie????

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