Test Post and Dr. Results.

Tis really is a test post so I'm not sure if it will even post. I spent a whole day writting ant rewriting a post last week before I left on my lil vaca up to Ks. and none of them posted so I put down my iPad and decided to spend time with Matt. 

If you didn't know I have been trying to loose weight for awhile. So far I have lost about 75-80lbs. just this past year. While visiting Ks. I have an overwhelming fear of gaining weight. I'm staying with family and they don't all eat the way I do, so it's been hard. I also have gotten a good/bad news situation from the doctors.

I got blood work done to help figure out levels to see possibly why I was so sick last month. All those came back PERFECT! Yay! Finally my hard work was paying off. However, about a week later I had to get some bloodwork done for progesterone levels to see if some of he meds. are helping me ovulate, (I have PCOS). Well last month I was right there on the edge so they upped the meds for this month, so I was sure it would work. But as this month progressed and I was taking the meds. you know how you can just "feel" that it's not working? Yeah, had that feeling. So I go give my blood and I got my results a couple of days ago. 

Not only did I not ovulate my levels drastically dropped from last month! Even the nurse was flabbergasted to this situation, and she is not even sure what's going to happen this next month. Which is most likely my last month of treatment as they usually only go 3 months at a time. It's heartbreaking. 

Well I'm hoping this works so I can go back and finish the last post I couldn't get posted. 

Thanks for reading.

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