Sick of Being Sick

I understand no one really likes being sick, but I'm just so tired of not feeling like myself. Everyone has their theories on what's wrong with me like: 
pregnant - I wish!
PMS - Yes, that may have worked for 5 days, but I still felt like this way before and now after.
My Meds. - Not to sound like a pill head or anything but I have PCOS, high blood pressure, depression, and allergies. So with all that fun stuff comes meds. and yes my body my not be taking to them all real well. Or another possibility is that I have lost 80lbs. in the past year, and 110lbs. at least since I was put on some of the meds., and possible the dosage is getting to be too strong for me now. 
And then there is always worst case scenarios like:
MS - My mom was diagnosed with this couple of years ago and it's heredity (?)
Cyst - Hello PCOS, and some of the meds. can get them growing.
And the big bad C - once again runs in the family. My grandma died from it and my aunt is a survivor of it all on my mom's side.

It's hard to get stuff accomplished when right in the middle you want to get all sickly.
I go to the Dr. on Monday thank goodness and they told me I could try some things this weekend that may help. 

I'm just ready to feel like myself again. 

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