My first Cake Stand

Ok we all know I am addicted to Pinterest, and we all know that I actually do some of the things I pin.
I haven't really done a whole lot since Christmas, but it's been crazy sickness in this house for 2 months! I think we are all finally starting to get out of our funks; I guess you could say we are spring cleaning ourselves!

Here is my latest project:
A cake stand
1.) I started with a trip to one of the thrift stores and picked up these for $1.50 each.

2.) I sanded the wooden candlestick, and then put a layer of matte of the candy dish and then glued them together.

3.) Then I added a layer(s) of white primer to both and then spray painted it.

And tada!!! Ok I'm not actually using it as a cake stand but it's still a super cute centerpiece for out dinning room table!

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