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Sorry I have taken so long to update my reading post, but you know how life is. For weeks at a time there is nothing to do and then suddenly you smacked by the million and one things that needed to be done yesterday.
I am still reading though, I just haven't been taking the time to put them up, (it's mostly because it looks like I've read more when i wait longer he he J/J).

Thursday's at Eight
Debra Macomber
Great story of four different women in very different parts of their life and how they all come together over a cup of coffee. Love these kinds of books and movies, where they talk about different people, but in the ends it all comes to the same point in life.

The Lucky One
Nicholas Sparks
What can I say dear Nicholas you did it again. Captivated me and keep the pages turning!
This is about a military man who finds a mysterious photo while on tour, only it also seem to be a lucky photo. When he returns home he eventually sets off to find the "lucky" woman in the photo and that's when every one's life begins to truly unfold.

P.C. and Kristen cast
The latest book in the House of Night Novels. I was glad that Zoey came home, and birdman pledged his allegiance to Stevie Rae turning him into a young man. I didn't like that once again the group is pretty much running away from fighting. I just wish the bad guys would be put out a little more. But I guess it's just going to take time.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Ann Brashares
Ok, I've only seen bits and pieces of both movies, so sue me for wanting to know what the big deal is about these 2nd hand jeans!
For those of you who has never heard of said jeans, its a pair of jean that fit a group of four friends that have been so close but are now at a point of their lives where they are going separate way and they pass the pants for support and to yet still feel close.

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