Summer Reading

As I have said in earlier post I joined the public library's summer reading program.
I love reading, so it's not a hard task for me to accomplish. Here's where I have a problem: I want to talk about what I read afterwards. And since my husband finds this highly boring I am going to bore you out there.

I have only gotten through 3 books this first week of summer so as a weekly post I will review the books i have gotten through.

P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

This is from the House of Night Series

Its about teen aged vampyres (the spelling is just like from the book), who are constantly trying to save the world while also battling normal high school drama.

OK really I enjoy these books for a couple of reasons. 1. I've always kinda liked High School sci-fi/fantasy. It helps you slip a little father from the normal world, but keeps you in check with the day to day problems.
2. It's based in Tulsa, Ok. which I find cool since I live close and know about some of the things that are written about. There is nothing like reading about them driving down a highway/road and I'm like I drive down that road!!!


Suzanne Collins
I finally finished the Hunger Games series after reading every where and many people telling me this was a MUST read.

I liked the series: the life threatening games these children have to endure, then the fight really over humanity, and finally breaking the circle of bad dictatorship. It all kept the pages turning.
I don't know if it was because I was sick when I finished it, I was looking for this outstanding ending, or what?
The ending was just wasn't as climatic as I guess i had built up in my head.

Sweet Valley Confidential
Francine Pascal

Ok this is one of those guilty pleasure reads. I mean I read Sweet Valley High books in junior high, so of course I was going to see what happened as they all grew up.

The Wakefield twins have had a huge falling out, they have grown up, but they are still dealing with love, gossip, and dealing with bad decisions.

This book really hit close to me with some issues that I have had to deal with in my life with friends, family, and my own bad decisions, which made me feel a whole lot for Elizabeth Wakefield.

Now if I could just get a modern take on what the kids from the Babysitters Club are up to!!
J/J (kinda)!

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